Episode 1-6 recap

Recap of our first 6 episode.


1/25/20230 min read

Due to issues with the start of the campaign, I only have an overview of the first 6 episodes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I do hope you enjoy the story we’re creating.

The adventure begins in the remote town of Elsoor, home of the legendary Odin's clan, located in the Trondelag region of a northern fantasy world of Norway. It's the year 900 AD and our heroes, Saga, Liv, Stali, Arne and Siv, are about to embark on a thrilling adventure. As they settle in for the night, a fierce storm rages outside and they all experience a restless night of sleep. Their dreams are anything but peaceful as they find themselves on a battlefield, standing together as part of Odin's army with Loki's forces looming ahead. Tensions run high and with a clap of thunder, the dream ends and they all awake to clear skys and the joy of a wedding

Otrygg, knowing of Liv's affection for the old and broken, has taken the ruins and transformed them into the perfect wedding gift for her. Vines and flowers cover the ancient stones, creating a picturesque setting for Liv and Saga’s special day. But as the celebrations are in full swing, tragedy strikes as Otrygg's daughter is the target of a sinister kidnapping attempt by the nefarious Bear Clan. Our heroes are able to outsmart the kidnappers and save the young woman, but their troubles are far from over.

In the morning, they discover that two people, Dagny and Svend, have gone missing, with a trail of blood leading away from their home. Searching for them, the group finds Svend in the ruins with his nose missing and both eyes pulled out. They make their way through the dark and foreboding cave system, taking out a few guards along the way. They follow a steep trail to a stone building covered in fog, where Stali discovers the secret entrance. Inside is a room filled with traps and puzzles.

While most of the group works on solving the puzzles, Stali finds what looks like an eye and, being the curious person he is, shoves the eye piece into his head, replacing his eye and giving him the spirit voice of Udius. He now has the strange power of sneezing out random, powerful, and sometimes dangerous items. The group finds a few captives, incoherent and muttering to themselves, but they decide to leave them where they are and continue through the door they find after solving the puzzles.

Over a bridge on the other side of the house, our group finds themselves in a ruin with what looks like the cult leader standing in front of an altar, waiting for them. They dispatch him without too much effort, only for his minions to pour out of the side rooms, self-sacrificing themselves onto the altar. Before the group is able to react, every one of them dies, raising a lich. They run, they get the captives and keep running. The world slowly disappears around them. They are running in a void when a green light appears and they run to it, only to see a man dressed in green with horns, a broken hammer, and an eye patch. Loki, Udius informs Stali. He tells them he has use for them. They wake up with no memory of the void and find themselves back home. They stand in front of Otrygg with their rescues. Everyone but Liv hears Loki call out "Come out and play." The mystery deepens as they wonder what their role is in the grand scheme of things and what secrets and dangers await them on their next adventure.